Chinese Tuina & Massage

Traditional Chinese massage dates back about 4,000 years ago along with the earliest Chinese medical therapy. Massage appears to have developed alongside the therapeutic exercise Qigong and acupuncture, sharing the same understanding of the meridians and the flow of Qi in the human body. 

What to expect from Chinese Massage?

It’s not intended to be an experience of pampering or relaxation. Though, some people would like to have relaxation experience with adjusted pressure to maintain the health condition even when they are healthy. The majority of people would like to have the treatments of Deep Tissue or the combination of relaxation and Deep Tissue to relieve of pain, stress or tightened muscle tissues.

The massage aims to open up the Qi and blood blockages, promote better flow of Qi and blood, create more space between tissues, and eventually relieve of pain and tension.

The benefits of Chinese massage:

  • Promoting the free flow of Qi (bio-energy)
  • Stimulating and improving blood circulation
  • Speeding the healing of injuries and clearing bruises
  • Regulating the nerve system
  • Soothing scar tissues
  • Easing emotional stress
  • Curing some conditions affecting the internal organs
  • Increasing flexibility in the joints and improving posture
  • Relieving chronic pain
  • Maintaining wellness and functioning as a form of preventive care
  • Improving athletic performance
  • Strengthening the body’s resistance to disease

At De Eland Wellness House, all the massage therapists are well trained in house before they can start giving the massage treatment. Attention to the complaints in your body is serious taken in the professional way.