Acupuncture Almere

Acupuncture Almere

  • Acupuncture (combined with cupping massage, meditation or qigong healing when it is necessary)
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture
  • Guasha
  • Cupping & Cupping Massage
  • Chinese Relaxing Massage
  • Deep Tissue & Sport Massage
  • Reflexology Foot Massage
  • Meditation
  • Zhineng Qigong
  • Chinese Massage Course

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Introduction of Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture therapy has a history of longer than 3000 years in China, and gradually known and accepted by the western world. It is based on the theories of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to treat patients with acupuncture upon differentiation of syndromes.

Treatment principles: The general principles of treatment are performed under the guidance of holistic concept and differentiation of syndromes to regulate the balance of yin and yang, promote the free flow of qi and blood, strengthen the immune system (body resistance and enforce the antipathogenic qi) to improve general health. Prevention from a disease is also an important aspect in acupuncture treatment to relief from pain and sufferings from diseases.

Meditation and qigong healing during treatments: During the acupuncture treatments, meditation, Zhineng Qigong healing methods are applied to calm down the mind and promote the strong self-healing system.

Cupping is applied during the acupuncture treatment as well. Information about cupping, please read on the next page:

For the first visit and consultation, related personal information will be taken for the consideration of diagnosis: name, age, living address, professions, living style, complaints, tongue and pulse condition, etc. After diagnosis, a treatment plan will be made. There are different sessions of treatment according to different diagnosis and development of the health condition.

If you would like to following meditation and Zhineng Qigong in the more intensive way, please visit the website

Introduction of Acupuncturist — Alice (Ping Zhang,  member of Zhong & KAB)

Alice (Ping Zhang) is a licensed acupuncturist working at De Eland Wellness House in Amsterdam and Acupuncture Practice in Almere. She has studied Traditional Chinese Acupuncture from 2015 to 2018. She followed the education of Foundation of Western Medicine from 2018 to 2019 In Shenzhou Open University of TCM Amsterdam.

In July 2019 she graduated and achieved the dilpoma of TCM acupuncture and became a member of KAB and Zhong. During the education, she has successfully completed her apprenticeship at different Chinese acupuncture clinics in the Nederlands, learned and deepened her knowledge as well as experiences in TCM practice.

Growing up in the beautiful scenic area in Wuyishan, a small city at the foot of Nature reserve in the south-east of China, she is very much influenced by the beauty of local nature and the charm of traditional Chinese Medicine.

The culture of traditional Chinese medicine roots deeply in her heart and soul. From childhood she has seen and experienced the effects and benefits of TCM treatments which enriched her experiences of TCM.

Her passion for entering TCM field is not only to improve her own health, but also to help people around her relieve of pain, sickness, better and stable health.

Zhineng Qigong and meditation practice. Since September 2018 she started to practice Zhineng Qigong. From October 12th to November 7th in 2019 she jumped deeply into the heart of Zhineng Qigong and followed the daily intensive Zhineng Qigong training course in Sichuang Province in China. From then on, her path and passion for TCM acupuncture and Zhineng Qigong have been set up and move forwards.