The Best Chinese Massage in Town!

De Eland Wellness House provides services of traditinal Chinese massage and acupuncture treatments.

The traditional Chinese massage and acupuncture at our practice can relieve you of stress, tiredness, headache and muscle pain, alleviate pain and tension in your body and ease your mind.

Why choose us? Here are the reasons:

The best Chinese massage in town. Since 2012 it has been run under the name of Kwik Fix Massage and upgraded to the name of De Eland Wellness House. We provide you with the best Chinese massage in town. All the staff are well trained, attentive, friendly and polite. We pay all our attention to delivering professional massages in the clean, quiet, cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Hygiene and profession are on the top of our service list. You always have a clean massage table and fresh towels.

All these years we have gained high evaluation from our vistors, locally and tourists. The rankings are from 4.5 stars to 5 stars on google.com, tripadvisor.com, yelp.com and the rests.

We use anti-allergic oil (sweet almond oil).

Effective in relieving of pain, stress and tention. Visitors check in for delightful relaxation and attention to their bodies to help them sooth their daily worries and relieve physical complaints. Our guests sometimes also come to visit us together with their family members, partners or colleagues to enjoy the massage or for the regular maintenance of health. Some have the experience of muscle problems in their neck, shoulders, back or legs from long hours working at the desk or physical professions. Some come to ease the side-effects of medicines, or recovery after an injury or hospital care.

Great assistance during and after pregnancy. When you, your wife or friend are pregnant or just gave birth to your baby, the body needs extra attention and care. We can help you feel relieved and get recovered better.

A valuable massage gift to let your body be taken good care of. Please pay us a visit if you live in the Jordaan area or visit Amsterdam. At De Eland Wellness House, you can offer yourself a small but excellent present to enjoy the treatments of the traditional and professional cupping, guasha or Chinese body and foot Massage of 30 minutes, 60 minutes or maybe even 90 minutes. Let us take good care of you and help you get refreshed after long day or journey.

We do our utmost to provide you with great services. Thank you all for your visits, loyalty and support. For more information, please visit the pages related on our website.